Pleasant Futures

We all wish the best for others. However there are some who feel each day is a burden instead of a blessing. Most are happy for others success while some are so envious it shows in their daily works. We plan for our future and some more than others are better at it, but must we show our disappointment so well? I for one am very pleased to see people do well. If we share our sorrows so easily with each other, why can’t we show our glee when we see things working out for those whom might be trying a little harder than us? Please say something nice to those you envy. It is sooo obvious when you say nothing at all in a situation that requires comment. Peace to all.!!!

About dmacc502

Happy individual with positive outlook. Enjoy people and sharing ideas and mindful thoughts. Avid news watcher, cat lover, birdwatcher and cook.Fortunate not to have to work and love my quiet time. Married with two daughters in college.
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1 Response to Pleasant Futures

  1. croaky_frog says:

    Wow, you blog now….weird. Who’d have thought? My therapist told me I should start journaling daily, she said it would help. I’ve done it before and I liked it, but with all I have to do these days, who has time right? She’s smart though, she said, “Well, how often are you on your computer?”…I told her all the time…she said, “Good, then you can blog.” I said grrr. But she’s right, maybe I’ll do it if I do it online. I’ll give it a try anyhow.

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