She jumped at her so suddenly without warning. She attacked her neck furiously with no mercy. As if to sense life still present, she lacked any care in thrashing around until the lifeless body lay in the grass. Her eyes wide opened with almost a gratifying stare she slowly walked around the still corpse. I stood in shock not able to do anything. There was no time to act. It was over with in only a moment. Could I have stopped her? I still think about the answer. Surely I won’t dwell on this long. I don’t want to seem cold, but this happens too often. I’ve just not seen such killing with my own eyes before. She’s gone now. She just walked away as though nothing happened.Shall I tell anyone? Probably not.It would be senseless to. Most people have seen a cat kill a bird.

About dmacc502

Happy individual with positive outlook. Enjoy people and sharing ideas and mindful thoughts. Avid news watcher, cat lover, birdwatcher and cook.Fortunate not to have to work and love my quiet time. Married with two daughters in college.
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