Cameras Capture Bizarre Deep-Sea Creatures on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Researchers from Australia’s Queensland Brain Institute are using custom-designed remote-control cameras that sit on the sea floor as part of their mission to document marine life they believe is in danger of extinction because oceans are gradually warming across the globe.

“As well as understanding life at the surface, we need to plunge off the walls of Osprey to describe the deep-sea life that lives down to 2000m, beyond the reach of sunlight,” lead researcher Justin Marshall said in a statement on the institute’s website. He’s referring to the Osprey Reef, a section of the Great Barrier Reef about 215 miles off the coast of northeastern Australia.

“We simply do not know what life is down there, and our cameras can now record the behavior and life in Australia’s largest biosphere, the deep sea,” Marshall said.

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