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It seems that some Israelis are unable to confront the woes of their recent past. A past which in itself lead to the creation of the Jewish state and therefore should be a fundamental reminder of what such a state should stand for. This may be many things. But surely it should not be following the dangerous path of segregation of races and the building of walls and alienation and domination of one race over, or at the expense of, another. There is perhaps no people in the world more aware of the dangers of this than the Jews. Yet it seems many of their voices of reason are stifled and suffocated by a select few with very precise ideas and positions on the future of Israel.

Compromise with the Palestinians, or the Americans for that matter, for these few seems no more than a word used as leverage in a game to buy time rather than create real change or real peace. Unfortunately they hold power in the Israeli government at present and are much supported by a very powerful lobby group (the Israeli Lobby) that seems to dictate US policy in the region, whether such policy is really in America’s best interest or not.

Now we hear, yet again, that the Israeli government is allowing for even more illegal builds in East Jerusalem. We all know that this has one fundamental objective: to force the Palestinians, day by day, hour by hour, the sooner the better but as long as it takes, out.

And for this end, for those involved in such a project, of course there is no compromise. No matter how upset this may leave Hilary, Joe or Obama. After all, many other leaders have tried and failed before them. We know this. All those involved know this. So a new way of confronting this crisis must be considered, if for no other reason than that the voices of many who want to live in peace, rather than the voices of a few, led by fear or political objective or religion, can be heard.

There is this little ‘Anti Israeli Policy’ voice, you see. Almost inaudible and certainly stifled by the storm of sound, retribution and verbal ‘you anti Semitic!’ attack of the overbearing and excessively powerful pro policy voice we hear every time the stifled voice gets too close to an audience.

But this is the voice of many Jews and Christians and Muslims and Gentiles who wish to live together in peace in the ancient eternal and beautiful city of Jerusalem, as they once did. And this is a voice that should be heard. It is also the voice of Jews and gentiles alike outside Jerusalem who speak out against the gross atrocities and daily denial of human rights waged upon the Palestinians. Their voices should be heard.

What a pity. The world looks on from the sidelines as hate and religion and power, and forces beyond that of the city’s strong multi racial personality itself, engulf, strangle and entwine it like poison ivy until all that is worth cherishing dies in its wake.

Let us know your suggestions, comments or thoughts on how best to get the voice of peace out there in order to make a real difference!

For up to date information on the latest American/Israeli talks see:

For information on the wall have a look at this link:

All in all it’s just a:
“25-foot high wall built down the middle of the main street in Abu Dis, a town adjacent to and now cut off from East Jerusalem. The main street has been divided in half by the wall. After the wall is completed, many students and teachers will not be able to reach their schools, which lie on either side of the wall. Access to private, UN, and PA clinics, hospitals, and doctors will be impeded.” (Photo by S’ra DeSantis)
Israel‘s barrier, when fully completed, is planned to be four times as long and in places twice as high as the Berlin Wall.

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  1. jodi harris says:

    Thanks so much for the link on such an important subject! We really value that you take an interest:)

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