Muslim Resources

Practical resources for new Muslims
A site which enables non-Arabic speaking new Muslims to learn the short surahs of the Quran and other requirements for performing ritual worship (Salat).  Each phrase slowly and clearly enunciated.  Includes 17 surahs plus ayat al kursi (2:255), the Tasha-hud (Al-Taheyat), the Adhan and the Iqama. 
Requires RealPlayer

Residential Quranic Arabic Courses in England
A series of of five-day courses from beginners thru to advanced, March to June 2003.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Islam
by Yahiya John Emerick (American convert to Islam)
408 pages, ISBN: 0028642333, available from bookshops priced US$18.95 and from (US$13.26).

Holy Quran (Arabic Script and Recitation)
Requires RealPlayer.  Listen to and learn the Quran verse by verse.

Islamic Dictionary
English Translation of Arabic words.

Glossary of Islamic Terms and Concepts

Another Glossary of Islamic Terms
Over 100 Arabic terms explained.

The Encyclopaedia of the Orient
Covers the Middle East and North Africa.  Useful explanations of many Islamic terms and mini-biographies of figures from Muslim history and contemporary politics.

How to perform Wudu and Salat
A step by step guide showing how to perform Muslim ritual ablutions and prayer.

Beginners Guide To Performing Islamic Prayers
Practical guide with additional, helpful background information on the importance of prayer.

The Right Way To Pray
A 14-step guide with phrase-by-phrase pronunciation of the Arabic words.  Requires RealPlayer.

How to perform Wudu and Salat
Another practical guide.

25 Duas (Supplications) from the Holy Quran

On the tip of a Muslim tongue
Everyday Muslim expressions.

Islamic Typing Test
Improve your speed whilst learning about Islam in the process!

Islamic Quiz
Superb interactive quiz.  Hundreds of questions at different levels.  Tells you the correct answers to questions you get wrong.

Test Your Knowledge of Islam
What’s behind one of the fastest growing religions in the U.S.? What do Muslims believe? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Islam.

Online Tests at Islam101
Multiple choice tests on various aspects of Islam, arranged in order of difficulty by four levels. These tests can be taken online. After completing each test, you can submit your test for a grade. Answers to the the missed questions are provided online.

First Steps in Arabic
Excellent interactive game.  Learn to read by matching the Arabic letters to their sounds.

A free online Arabic course in 18 units.  Requires RealPlayer.

The English-Arabic Dictionary
Oilfield English-Arabic words and phrases

Rules and regulations.

Amir University
Providing certified, affordable courses on Islam and Arabic in a home-study environment.  Accredited by the Abu Nour Institute of Damascus, an affiliate of Al-Azhar University of Cairo, Amir distance learning Islamic university is founded on Ahl as-Sunnah wal Jama`at [Sunni] teachings. The curriculum addresses contemporary issues with a moderate Islamic approach.

International Language Institute
Learn Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic in Cairo.

Latino American Dawah Organization
a nonprofit organization founded in 1997 in New York City by a handful of converts to Islam. LADO’s mission is to promote Islam among the Latino community of the United States and to provide education about the history and legacy of Islam in Spain and Latin America and provide free information about Islam.


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