New Islamic Directions – Imam Zaid Shakir

During Ramadan we celebrate the Qur’an. This is fitting owing to the close association between the month of fasting and the Qur’an. Allah mentions in the Qur’an, The month of Ramadan in which the Qur’an was revealed (Q. 2: 185). Perhaps this association is connected to the fact that during the month we recite the sacred scripture as often as we can.

Reciting the Qur’an is a highly rewarded act of worship. The Prophet, peace and blessings upon him, mentioned in this regard, “Whoever recites a single letter from the Qur’an will have a reward, and that reward will be multiplied tenfold. Do not say that “Alif-Lam-Mim” is a single letter. Rather, “Alif” is a distinct letter, “Lam” is a distinct letter, and “Mim” is a distinct letter.” [1] One cannot begin to imagine the reward of a believer who recites the entire Qur’an in its entirety once,…

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