Scott of the Antarctic: Hero or Failure? : Discovery News

le navire Discovery de Robert Falcon Scott
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Scott of the Antarctic: Hero or Failure? : Discovery News.Inside, rows of glass test tubes with cork stoppers, microscopes and various chemicals line the walls of the scientific lab. Boxes of dried cocoa, lentils, biscuits, cabbage and 23 kinds of canned meat are still stacked inside the kitchen pantry. To prevent scurvy, the men needed fresh meat and hunted penguins for food. Weddell seals provided both dinner and lamp oil. A pile of seal blubber stacked by the men still oozes a stream of golden liquid in a storeroom outside the hut’s entrance.


With the cooped-up remains of 100-year old leather, fur and food, the hut is one of the only places in Antarctica that smells to a visitor. Cold and lack of moisture have kept this structure intact, the only threat is the build-up of snow outside.

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